Spark Commands

  • ping

    Change the prefix if you have Manage Server permission.

  • help

    Get help using the commands.

  • calc

    Calculator 2+2=5

  • remindme

    Schedules a reminder, example: 'remindme 1h30min are you alive still?

  • afk

    Set an AFK status to display when you are mentioned.

  • members

    Get the server member count.

  • support

    Get support server link.

  • donate

    Get donation link.

  • invitelink

    Gives you an invite link to add Spark to your server.

  • suggest

    Add your suggestion to the suggestion channel (if configured)

  • setprefix (Admin Only)

    Change the prefix if you have Manage Server permission.

  • setsuggestchannel (Admin Only)

    Allow your server members to give their suggestions using suggest command.

  • setacceptedsuggestchannel (Admin Only)

    Set accepted suggestion channel!.

  • setdeniedsuggestchannel (Admin Only)

    Set denied suggestion channel!.

  • reactionrole (Admin Only)

    List/Create/Delete reaction role menu.

  • cmdconfig (Server Owner)

    Allow you to enable/disable various bot commands.

  • gstart

    Create a giveaway (Interactive setup).

  • gend

    End a giveaway.

  • glist

    List all active giveaways.

  • greroll

    Reroll a giveaway.

  • invites [@member]

    Check invites of yourself or a perticular member.

  • leaderboard invites

    Check invites leaderboard.

  • joins

    Members joining trend of your server.

  • ranks

    List of rank rewards.

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  • addrank number @role

    To add a role that will be assigned automatically once a member reaches number of invites.

  • removerank @role

    To remove a reward role.

  • set-stacked-ranks

    Toggle if you want members to keep ALL their ranks rewards or only the highest.

  • set-keep-ranks

    Toggle if you want members to keep their ranks rewards even if their invites leave the server.

  • ignored [add/remove] (@member)

    Ignore/unignore a member's invites.

  • addbonus number @member

    To give bonus invites to a perticular member.

  • removebonus number @member

    To remove bonus invites from a perticular member.

  • removeinvites @member

    To remove invites of a perticular member.

  • restoreinvites @member

    Restores all invites of a perticular member.

  • sync-invites

    To synchronize server invites with bot database.

  • joinrole on/off [@member [@anotherrole]]

    To assign a perticular role to a member automatically when they join your server.

  • configjoin

    Configure join message and join announcement channel.

  • setjoin

    To enable/disable joining announcements.

  • configleave

    Configure leave message and join announcement channel.

  • setleave

    To enable/disable leaving announcements.

  • configdm

    Configure join announcement over DM.

  • setjoindm

    To enable/disable joining announcements on DM.

  • testjoin

    To test joining announcements.

  • testleave

    To test leaving announcements.

  • testjoindm

    To test joining announcements over DM.

  • profile [@member]

    Check your own profile or of a perticular member.

  • balance [@member]

    Check your balance or of a perticular member.

  • deposit [amount/all]

    To deposit all or some of your credits into bank.

  • withdraw [amount/all]

    To withdraw all or some of your credits from bank.

  • daily

    Give you a credit airdrop. Doing this command more than one day in a row starts a streak! At every 10 points in the streak you'll get extra credits!

  • work

    This commands help use earn some quick cash.

  • pay @member amount

    Give cash to a member.

  • rob @member

    Attempt to rob another member's money.

  • rep @member

    Give reputation point to a member.

  • leaderboard [credits/level/rep]

    Server leaderboard - [credits/level/reputation

  • achievements [@member]

    To check achievements of yourself or of a perticular member.

  • flip

    Flip a coin.

  • number

    Guess the number game.

  • slots

    Slots game.

  • addcredit @member amount [cash|bank] (Server Owner Cammand)

    To give credits to a member.

  • removecredit @member amount [cash|bank] (Server Owner Cammand)

    To take credits from a member.

  • shop

    View a list of items available to buy in the store.

  • inventory [@member]

    View your's or someone else inventory.

  • item-info

    View information on an item in the store.

  • buy-item

    Buy an item from the store.

  • sell-item

    Sell an item in your inventory to another member for money.

  • create-item (Admin only command)

    Create an item for your store.

  • edit-item (Admin only command)

    Edit an existing item in your store.

  • delete-item (Admin only command)

    Delete an item from the store.

  • give-item (Admin only command)

    Give an item to a member from the store.

  • take-item (Admin only command)

    Take an item from a member.

  • stock-market

    View a list of stocks available to buy in the store. Price of individual stocks fluctuate between 5 to 10 in any direction randomly depending upon how active are the members of your server.

  • stock-portfolio [@member]

    View your's or someone else stock portfolio.

  • buy-stock

    Buy a stock from the server's stock market.

  • sell-stock

    Sell a stock in your stock portfolio for money.

  • create-stock (Admin only command)

    Create a stock for your server store market.

  • delete-stock (Admin only command)

    Delete a stock from your server store market.

  • set-birthday

    Set your birthday.

  • purge-birthday

    Remove your brithday information.

  • birthday-list

    View a list of all the birthdays in your server.

  • bconfig (Admin only command)

    Configure birthday announcement channel, role, mention, time, timezone, message for your server.

  • poll

    Create a poll.

  • purge

    Delete many messages quickly.

  • mute

    Mute a member from text channels.

  • unmute

    Unmute a muted member.

  • warn

    Gives member a warning for breaking server rules.

  • sanctions

    View a list of sanctions given to a member.

  • mconfig

    List moderation configuration of your server.

  • level-config

    Shows/Set leveling settings of this server!

  • noxproles

    Shows/Set No XP Roles of this server!

  • noxpchannels

    Shows/Set No XP Channels of this server!

  • xprolerewards

    Shows/Set XP Role Rewards of this server!

  • give-xp

    Give XP to anyone in the server!

  • remove-xp

    Take XP away from anyone in the server!

  • new-ticket

    Create a new support ticket!

  • close-ticket

    Close a ticket!

  • delete-ticket

    Delete a ticket. Similar to closing a ticket, but does not save transcript.!

  • tickets

    List your recent tickets to access transcripts!

  • ticket-transcript

    Download a transcript!

  • tadd-member

    Add a member to a ticket channel!

  • tremove-member

    Remove a member from ticket channel!

  • ticket-log (Admin Only)

    View/Set/Remove Ticketing Log Channel!

  • ticket-staff (Admin Only)

    View/Add/Remove Ticketing Staff Role!

  • ticket-category (Admin Only)

    View/Set/Reset Open/Closed Tickets Channel Category!

  • ticket-panel (Admin Only)

    Create a panel widget in the channel!

  • ticket-stats (Admin Only)

    View ticket stats!

  • addmod

    Add/remove a moderator role.

  • kick

    Kicks a member from the server.

  • ban

    Ban a member from the server.

  • unban

    Unban a banned member.

  • setwarns

    Set a punishment like kick or ban after a number of sanctions given to a member.

  • clearsanctions

    Remove sanctions given to a member.

  • setmodlogs

    Set a mod log channel.

  • setcmdlogs

    Set a command log channel.

  • setworklogs

    Set a work log channel.

  • automod

    List all automod config and used to enable/disable automod.

  • automute

    To enable/disable automute.

  • automute-time

    To set how long the users will be muted.

  • mute-violation-count

    To set how many violations will trigger automute.

  • mass-mention-count

    To set how many mention violations will trigger automute.

  • automod-ignore-channel

    To set channels where automod will be ignored.

  • automod-ignore-role

    To set which roles will be immune to automod.

  • badword

    To set bad word which will trigger automod.

  • whitelist-link

    To set links which will not trigger link posting violation.

  • all-caps-actions

    To set the actions that should be taken by automod if user send message with all caps.

  • badword-actions

    To set the actions that should be taken by automod if user send message with bad words.

  • fast-message-spam-actions

    To set the actions that should be taken by automod when a user sends 5 messages during a 5 second timespan.

  • invite-actions

    To set the actions that should be taken by automod when a user sends message with invite links.

  • links-actions

    To set the actions that should be taken by automod when a user sends message with links.

  • mass-mention-actions

    To set the actions that should be taken by automod when a user sends message mentioning more than allowed count of user/role mentions.

  • self-bot-actions

    To set the actions that should be taken by automod when a user sends message containing rich embeds.

  • subs

    List of Stream Announcements Subscriptions.

  • ytsub

    To Subscribe to YouTube video announcements to server channel!

  • ytunsub

    To Unsubscribe YouTube VOD and Live announcements!

  • twsub

    To Subscribe to announcements to server channel when Twitch Stream Goes Live!

  • tunsub

    To Unsubscribe Twitch Live Stream announcements!

  • counters

    This command will show all available counters, help you create new counters or delete existing counters.

  • counters-setup

    This command will set up the bot and create all the default counters.

  • counters-reset

    This command will reset the current active counters.